In this section you will find the main news related to the GIE Group, we will present success stories, we will tell you about our active participation in conferences and exhibitions, and we will publish information of general interest to our clients.

Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring: Tailings Dam

Instrumentacion y Monitoreo Geotecnico: Dique de Relaves

A tailings dam is a mining infrastructure designed to recover water and store residual solids from mineral processing. Its integrity can be compromised by seepage or natural events, increasing the risk of rupture and associated damage. To mitigate these risks, piezometers and accelerometers are used to constantly monitor water levels and seismic activity. Learn more about this solution in the current interest note.

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Evolution and Advantages of Digital Radiography in the Oil & Gas Industry

Evolución y Ventajas de la Radiografía Digital en la Industria de Oil&Gas

Digital radiography has revolutionized the oil & gas industry by enhancing the quality of structural integrity inspections and defect detection. Its advantages include reducing radiation exposure time, eliminating chemicals, and the ability to digitally store and analyze images, which optimizes processes and contributes to safety and environmental sustainability.

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Presentation of the New GIE GROUP Board

Presentación del nuevo Directorio de GIE GROUP

On May 22nd, the presentation ceremony of the new Board and the transfer of the presidential mandate from Engineer @Mauricio Teutónico to Geologist @Gustavo Martinez took place at the Mar del Plata headquarters.

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Instrumented Indentation: 15 years of experience providing know-how and technical support to the industry.

Indentación Instrumentada: 15 años de trayectoria aportando know-how y respaldo técnico a la industria

In 2008, we developed the instrumented indenter ESYS 10 with state support, allowing the industry to evaluate mechanical properties of materials without destructive testing. Over 15 years, only five companies worldwide offer this service, with GIE GROUP standing out in Argentina and Latin America. Learn more about its features in the following article.

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