GIE GROUP is a company that provides Engineering, Development and Consulting services in Asset Management, including Mechanical Integrity, Risk Analysis and Root Cause Analysis. We know that offering quality services, respecting the environment and preventing occupational accidents and diseases, we will achieve success as a company, and we will be leaders in our area of ​​performance.

We will offer to clients, services that always meet or exceed their expectations on time, achieving their satisfaction. We are committed to achieve these goals through teamwork, training, and compliance with applicable health, safety, environmental, and quality regulations.

We promote operational excellence in our services, ensuring the highest quality and preserving the value of our assets, including all interested parties.

At GIE GROUP we are committed to:

  • Educate and train workers to identify, understand and respect health and safety aspects and hazards, eliminate hazards and reduce impacts and risks in their work environment.

  • Provide and maintain a healthy and safe workplace and a sustainable future through compliance with good environmental and professional practices
  • Cultivate a culture of Hygiene and safety that encourages committed, self-responsible and active behavior of the worker.
  • Protect the environment, including preventing pollution and improving the conditions of the parties involved, both in our operations and in those of our clients.
  • Promote continuous improvement to improve the performance and effectiveness of our health, safety, environment and quality management system.
  • Meet or exceed legal requirements, applicable standards, industry best practices or any other requirement subscribed by GIE GROUP.
  • Promote respect for all stakeholders, keeping an eye on changes in the requirements of each group.

This policy has been disseminated and communicated to all GIE GROUP employees and to all relevant actors that interact with the company, and management is committed to allocating the necessary resources to implement this policy.

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