In-line Inspection (ILI)

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During the month of September 2021, in collaboration with PIPECARE Group, internal inspections were carried out MFL (inspection for loss of axial magnetic flux), TFI (inspection for loss of transverse magnetic flux), GEO, and UTWM in pipelines located in Argentina.

We use MFL for the detection and sizing of generalized corrosion and other metal loss anomalies, especially oriented circumferentially. Cross-field inspection (TFI) technology also relies on magnetic flux leakage, with high magnetization and circumferential tool resolution, provides reliable detection and sizing of longitudinally oriented narrow metal loss anomalies. In turn, the ultrasonic loss of metal inspection (UTWM) was performed with a tool that is based on the principle of direct measurement to guarantee quantitative measurements of wall thickness, superior detection and sizing of anomalies of metal loss, laminations and inclusions.



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