Improve the Reliability of your Assets

» RCM, Reliability Centered Maintenance, increases industrial facilities’ reliability and decreases shutdown time caused by unforeseen events that interrupt production plans. » RAM, Reliability Availability and Maintainability, enables to predict the availability and the Service Factor in a production process for a certain period of time based on the reliability of its components, maintenance policies, and existing operational practices. » RBI, Risk Based Inspection, is a method to develop and manage inspections and maintenance plans for new or already existing static equipment and is based on standards API 580 and 581. » RCA, Root Cause Analysis, solving-problem method that prevents recurrence of a problem or defect through the identification of its causes. It is based on Standard API 585.

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)


• It focuses on asset integrity and plays a major role in reaching operational excellence and extending the equipment’s life span. • Improves asset performance • Increases revenue as it lengthens activity time and allows for a proactive maintenance and inspection strategy an execution plans. •Improves operational results by, for example, decreasing operational and maintenance costs. • Increases the asset’s life spam and decreases costs in equipment replacement. • Decreases the need for working capital due to a better plan and management of financial resources. •Enables to test the effect of safety and asset integrity initiatives


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Trustworthy solution to guarantee quality in the ILI process. Solution design. Process and QA/QC Control. Thorough data analysis: Inspection and Maintenance Plan, Fitness for Service Tests


Identify damage mechanisms active in static and dynamic components of pipelines and industrial facilities and determine how they contribute to failure to avoid future events


Identify and analyze hazards to your assets’ integrity


The need to ensure businesses sustainability in highly competitive markets calls for the application of different techniques that improve reliability in physical assets




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